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Here at Go Green Engineering we take great pride in our work and we want everybody to enjoy the latest technologies within their homes.

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We not only want to meet customer requirements, but we want to work closely with Architects, developers and all trades so that we can all achieve a common goal, which is to reduce peoples fuel bills while reducing the use of fossil fuels.

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We now firmly believe that all projects should have a key agenda towards energy efficiency and the implementation of renewable systems. With the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive, Feed In Tariff and the start of the Green Deal next year there has never been a better time to start really thinking about reducing fuel costs and your impact on the environment.


We are not just about installing one product over and over again, we want to implement the best systems available on the market to best suit your home or business.

We know that every building is different and that each building has to be looked at carefully so that technologies such as renewable energy can be installed successfully.

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We are a business that is all about your requirements, we want you to reach goals effectively and cost efficiently while allowing you to receive all the current financial incentives provided by the government. It is becoming ever more popular to install renewable systems, but it is critical that these systems are implemented correctly so the continuation towards carbon reductions can be reached.

Please get in touch for more information. We would love to hear about your project.

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