Low Energy Home - Chagford

An interesting project as the property was built entirely of Nudura block to form a highly insulated and airtight building fabric.

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How it works

It was our task to design and install a suitable system to benefit the nature of the building and fulfil the clients requirements.

designing a passivhaus devon

Due to the airtightness of the building, MVHR was a key aspect of the building, so we integrated a Zehnder Comfoair Q MVHR system into the property to ensure a high level of air quality and 96% heat recovery. We also installed a Worcester Bosch boiler with an unvented cylinder, 4kW PV Array with iBoost hot water production, Underfloor heating on both ground and 1st floors with the added control of a network based hub system that the client can control using any wifi/4G device.

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