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Welcome to GoGreen engineering

Go Green Engineering are specialists in sustainable energy solutions. We design and install energy efficient systems to meet your individual home requirement. We offer services that will reduce your fuel costs while saving energy and helping you live in a greener environment.

We provide solutions for everyone whatever your budget. Not only do we install new highly efficient technologies such as renewables, but we look at how we can reduce the heat load of your home.

Based in the south west, we offer an independent, reliable service and work closely with you to provide the best solution for your home.

The products we use are fully-accredited by the Microgeneration scheme and are chosen for their reliability, high efficiency, low maintenance and durability. Go Green Engineering do not work with one particular product or manufacturer, but we do work closely with manufacturers to ensure that the product is installed, commissioned and used in the correct manner.

Not only are we specialists in Renewable Energy but we are also fully qualified plumbers and Gas Engineers, we install highly efficient boilers, underfloor heating systems, conventional heating systems and highly efficient hot water systems.

We also have experience working with Passive House designs. Passive houses are becoming more and more popular and we fully understand the quality of workmanship involved in trying to develop a passive home.

Customers will also be eligible for the Governments current Feed In Tariff and proposed Renewable Heat Incentive . You will also receive a reduced VAT rate of 5%"

Grants and Tariffs

There are various new grants and tariffs available for renewable energy.

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