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Whether you have a leaking pipe or looking to install a complete new system, Go Green Engineering offers a wide range of domestic plumbing services. We are highly experienced, fully qualified, Water Industry Approved plumbers specialising in the installation and adaption of plumbing systems.

Our green expertise means we will help you choose the most energy-efficient, water efficient and environmentally friendly option for your home.

We specialise in:

Unvented Hot water Systems

Unvented Water Systems are designed to ensure you get equally high pressure in every room of your home. There is no requirement for a tank in the loft as mains-fed hygienic hot water flows straight to wherever you need it. These systems are designed to perform faultlessly whilst minimising heat loss to maximise efficiency. These systems can also be easily installed with Solar Thermal.

Bathrooms " Kitchens

Bathrooms and Kitchens are an important part to any household and it is important that they are installed correctly. We can help you design and choose the right sanitary ware and appliances for your home. Whether you are looking at installing a complete new bathroom or replacing the one you have got we can provide you with a high quality finish whatever your budget. We also look at ways in which we can reduce your water usage while still maintaining high performance.


Pumps can be installed to either boost a shower or to make your whole house a fully pumped system where you will get a good pressure of hot and cold water at all your taps and showers. These types of pumps are generally installed where you have an older type low pressure conventional plumbing system.

Disinfection of water systems

Disinfection is a key element in providing good clean bacteria free water. All water can potentially contain some viral and bacterial contamination, especially header tanks where dust and debris can accumulate. Disinfection will clean the system and eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungal growth. We can provide a thorough inspection and disinfect any system that you might think is suspect to bacterial contamination.

While specialising in the installation of these system we also provide maintenance and a call out service for any emergencies that you might have.


Whatever your fuel source, we want to provide you with the most energy and cost efficient systems available.

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